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my blurb?
What do you think of my blurb
I have been through hells and storms that can seem to be out of control and they are, but the way I look at it is a fight I will go through with my head high and fit swing to come out alive. I do what ever it takes to serve no matter how I feel or how bloody it gets I go through fighting. I might feel like its the end sometimes but more times then not its only the begging. I might feel like nothing and want to give up but I won't. I will always fight and I will always come out of what ever it is alive. No matter what state my mind body or heart is in the pain heals, and is better for awhile, but it heals just I'm time for it to start again. I'll live.

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I am who I am and that is a cunt if need be. It depends on my daily mood more times then not I'm pissed just saying and warning you.Just call me Katie l love singing and be me. Yes i am bisexual. You don't like me? Fuck off problem solved. I don't care.I won't do anything I don't